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Victoria Abdelnur is a licensed medical doctor in Germany and Argentina, a Teal Swan’s Completion Process Practitioner and certified Isha System ©Facilitator .

After 15 years of practice in the field of emotional health and consciousness she met Teal Swan and decided to train with her as a Completion Process practitioner. Between 400 people inscribed to do the training, and Teal personally chose 24.  Victoria was one of them, making her one of the few practitioners and the only physician certified in the city of Berlin.

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What is the Completion Process?

Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma to some degree; therefore, everyone experiences post-traumatic stress to some extent. The people who know for sure that they have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the ones experiencing stress to such a degree that it interferes with their ability to function, thus they have been given an actual diagnosis.  Many people, who are simply struggling to try to feel good on a regular basis, cannot look back at their lives and pinpoint an exact event that caused their current pain. It is hard for the average person to see that the root of the suffering in their adult life is in fact past trauma.

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Physical Health

Our immune system and whole physical body in general function much better when we increase awareness and heal patterns created by old emotional wounds.

Connect with your Heart

In an easy, practical way. The process helps you remove the walls around it and feel more love and freedom with each session.

Emotional Health

A safe space and effective techniques to connect with and feel the emotions that want to be expressed.


Here is what people say about Victoria

“Since yesterday after the session I have this very particular feeling, I feel more... complete, more solid. It´s really like if a lost piece of a puzzle came back to its place :) . Very intense and healing experience, thanks a lot !"
Francesco CascavillaSatisfied Client
"I highly recommend Victoria as a Completion Process practitioner. I have been to quite a number of therapists before and I mostly did get some help yet nothing could ever be compared to Victoria's work."
Diana ZirbelSatisfied Client
" Hi Victoria! Love everything you gave me. It feels like my guideline through this tough time of transformation. Thanks for asking and for still sharing your presence with me! You're a great teacher and I am so thankful for you <3 "
Sabrina NaumannSatisfied Client


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"I felt safe and supported and as a result was able to really connect deeply with feelings I have avoided all my life. Victoria was encouraging. She knew when to listen and when to direct me to move forward. "
Mary HowickHuman Resources, Ireland
" Thank you a lot for the session on Tuesday!!! ❤ In my meeting with X, which was yesterday.... I felt really free! It feels so good! THANK YOU AGAIN. "
Agnes PlutaMassage Therapist, Germany
I am a therapist myself, so I have a lot of experiences being in different therapeutic settings over the years, but never have I been with a therapist so lovingly devoted, digging so deep and in such a natural way, that the fear of feeling difficult deep sensed feelings from the past just disappears. Victoria is a warm, caring and confident person, giving you the feeling that she will be there for matter what ❤️
N. RotenbergPsychotherapist, Israel

October 2017
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Introductory Session

A complimentary 20′ meeting through Skype, Telephone or Facetime provides the opportunity to answer your questions and see if we can work together.

Flexible Schedule

I understand how busy life can be so I’m happy to work together to fit within your schedule.

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is very important to me and it will be always respected.

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